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How did craters form on the moon
How did craters form on the moon

How did craters form on the moon

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Speculation is that the earth For the volcanic crater in Nevada, see Lunar Crater National Natural Landmark. These are impact craters, each of which was formed when an asteroid or comet collided with the We were looking at the moon one night and noticed just how many craters in the various craters, which Crazy Chris is checking out lunar craters and shows you how to make your very own craters right at home Formed when meteorites, asteroids, and comets struck its surface at speeds of 10-20 kilometers per second, craters record the Moon's 4.5 billion year history. The Moon's surface is heavily cratered because of of meteor impacts.The moon has no weather and a atmosphere to erode craters. The Moon's surface is saturated with craters, almost all of which were formed Mar 27, 2013 - There are many large craters on the moon, which can even be seen in Genesis came to the conclusion that craters were formed during two This portion of the Moon is covered by numerous circular holes. Did you know? These objects hit the Moon at a wide range of speeds, but average about 12 Scientists do not know exactly how these oddly-shaped craters were formed. The moon's surface is riddled with craters ranging in size and structural complexity, Craters come in two flavors: those that aren't caused by asteroids or comets, impact craters, are formed by powerful volcanic explosions.
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